Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to read the following page before contacting us with questions. We get many inquiries, for which we are thankful, but nearly all the answers can be found on our website. Thank you for understanding! 


How much do Emerald City Rabbitry bunnies cost? 

Our purebred baby Holland Lops range from $380-$450, which includes lifetime support and a generous transitional care package. If you are an approved breeder, you can purchase breeding rights and a pedigree for $50. Pricing is determined by quality, coat coloring, gender, markings, and eye color. We do not sell to profit - every single dollar is invested back into our rabbitry and into keeping our rabbits healthy/happy. These prices are established from the amount of time and effort we put into raising family-friendly companions.

How do I purchase a bunny from Emerald City Rabbitry?

If you are interested in reserving a bunny from our rabbitry, we have an adoption process to get you started. Details regarding this can be found here. Our bunnies have a special place in our hearts, and we do everything possible to ensure they go to loving, forever homes. We require an adoption application to ensure the families are ready to take on all the responsibilities of owning a rabbit!

Does Emerald City Rabbitry offer shipping?

We do not currently offer shipping, due to the stress this can put on young rabbits. However, if you are flying in, we can meet you at SeaTac airport to hand deliver your bunny for a $50 fee. We are located in western Washington state. If you need delivery or would like to meet, we charge a driving fee of $1.50 per mile (both ways); please email us to discuss availability. Pickup is always free!

What differentiates Emerald City Rabbitry from other breeders?

What makes us unique is well-socialized bunnies that have been handled since the day they were born. The stunning colorings you will find nowhere else include many blue-eyed variations. Our rabbits are born and raised indoors with our family, introduced to young children, other animals, and household noises by the time they hop out of the nest box. We take the extra step in providing a litter box and starting potty training from a young age, along with offering a lifetime support system. If you have any special requests, such as making sure your bunny spends extra time with dogs, we are happy to accommodate!

What does it mean if a rabbit is "VM" or "BEW"?

VM is an abbreviation for Vienna marked. This means the rabbit has blue or marbled (blue / brown) eyes and white patches on its face and / or paws. It is a rare gene in Holland Lops, and something we specialize in.

BEW is an abbreviation for Blue-Eyed White. This color is stunning and refers to a bunny that carries two copies of the Vienna gene.

What is meant by "lifetime support"?

Our signature, long-lasting relationship will help you adjust to living with your new pet. This includes any questions, comments, or concerns you may encounter. Besides, one of the most rewarding things about being a breeder is watching our baby bunnies grow up spoiled in their new homes! We indefinitely keep in touch with members of the Emerald City Rabbitry family.

Is Emerald City Rabbitry registered with the ARBA?

Yes! We are a proud member of the American Rabbit Breeders Association. Our rabbitry certification is #D11080.


Are Holland Lops the best rabbit breed for me?

Holland Lops are the smallest lop-eared rabbit breed (even smaller than mini lops), averaging 2-4 lbs. fully grown. Their wonderful temperament makes them excellent family pets and ideal therapy companions. They live an average of 7-12 years, so it's a long-term commitment. Rabbits are about the same maintenance as a cat (litter box cleaning, feeding/watering, nail trims, grooming, daily love and attention).

Does my current rabbit need a companion?

Because rabbits are social creatures, many people assume they need a bunny friend. While this may be true in some cases, rabbits can enjoy their own space and privacy. Getting multiple rabbits doubles your cost in most aspects (veterinary care, food, etc.) but it is worth it in the long run, to keep your pet from getting lonely. We recommend sibling pairs or bunnies that come from the same breeder for the highest chance of a successful bond. It is easier to bond young rabbits.

Why does Emerald City Rabbitry have a return-to-breeder agreement?

A forever home is supposed to be just that, but we understand that sometimes uncontrollable circumstances lead to you having to rehome your beloved pet. We strongly encourage you to return the bunny to us so that we can rehome your bunny to a loving home.

If your now-adult rabbit is going to live with a family member or friend, we will want to know about any change of ownership. We are responsible for every bunny we bring into this world, and we need to ensure each one is in responsible hands at all times. This way, we are able to provide the same lifetime support, guidance, and advice to the new owner that we gave to you!