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Juniper Saige

Meet the smallest member of our fluffle: miss Juni! Weighing in at under 3 lb fully grown, her dramatic markings are absolutely breathtaking. She has a sweet yet spunky disposition, and keeps her enclosure pristine at all times. 

Coloring: Orange Harlequin
Genotype: Aa Bb Cc(chl)c(chd) Dd e(j)e


Lola Bloom

Lola is a brood, attentive doe who tends to produce large litters. She has proven to be mellow and food motivated! We are thrilled to incorporate the rare 'extreme Vienna marked' gene into our program. 

Coloring: Torted Harlequin

Genotype: aa Bb C_ Dd e(j)e

Missy Mae

Missy is our spoiled family pet who has been a wonderful auntie to all past and present baby bunnies. She is the one who originally sparked our love for dwarf rabbits when we rescued her in 2016. 


Coloring: Blue

Netherland Dwarf & Lionhead Mix

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