Our Bunnies

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black sable magpie vm

Raine is certainly one-of-a-kind. We are beyond elated to finally have this rare color in our program! She has a mellow temperament and loves to chew.



Blue-Eyed White

Moxie is equally spunky and sweet. She was born and raised in our rabbitry, and has the best demeanor that passes down to her babies. She is an excellent mother.


Bailey Blu

Chocolate VM

Bailey is one of our newer additions. She is tiny, and her rich chocolate coloring is so stunning. We look forward to seeing more of her offspring in the future!


Luna Piper

Cream Harlequin VM

Luna is our stunning dilute harlequin. She is easy to handle and we hope she loves motherhood once of age.


Pixie Dust

Blue Tort VM

Pixie came to us from southern Oregon. Her amazing genetics, in combination with her petite body, helps us better the breed.



Orange Harlequin VM

Gizmo is our main stud. He has an amazing compact body, blocky head, and short ears. We love his gentle yet playful personality!



Orange VM

Emerald is the meaning behind our rabbitry name, and the one who inspired us to start the wonderful journey of breeding Holland Lops. She is now retired, and we miss her dearly.


Missy Mae


Missy is the one who originally sparked our love for dwarf rabbits back when we met her in early 2016. She is a Netherland Dwarf / Lionhead mix, and our spoiled family pet. Her old age doesn't slow her down from enjoying life!

Not Pedigreed