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Rainier Azure

Raine is an absolute dream come true for us. In addition to her rare coloring, she has a mellow temperament and has proven to be a loving mama. She enjoys chewing toys and lots of exercise time.

Coloring: Black Sable Magpie VM

Genotype: Aa B_ c(chd)c(chl) Dd e(j)_


Juniper Saige

Meet our lovely new addition from Blue Clover Rabbitry. Her dramatic stripes are absolutely breathtaking. Although we are still getting to know little miss Juni, she already has a calm disposition which we hope her future babies inherit! 

Coloring: Orange Harlequin VM
Genotype: Aa Bb Cc(chl)c(chd) Dd e(j)e

Louis Vuitton

Louis is an adorable stud who resides in a pet home and visits for dates. He originates from our rabbitry and is easy to handle. His incredible conformation helps us better the breed! 

Coloring: Lilac Tort VM

Genotype: aa bb C_ dd ee(j)


Missy Mae

Missy is our spoiled family pet who has been a wonderful auntie to all past and present baby bunnies. She is the one who originally sparked our love for dwarf rabbits when we rescued her in 2016. Her old age doesn't slow her down from enjoying life! 

Coloring: Blue

Netherland Dwarf & Lionhead Mix

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