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Bunnies as Emotional Support Animals

Bunnies are gentle creatures who typically love to be handled, which makes them exceptionally great for therapeutic purposes.

They can develop a strong relationship with their owner, and research has shown that bunnies recognize their owners by voice or even smell. They are one of the quietest pets, yet full of personality and intelligence.

You can officially register a rabbit as an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) through a written and signed letter by a psychologist or therapist. This should be the person whom you have met with and who can diagnose your condition to prescribe an ESA for treatment.

The benefits of having an Emotional Support Animal include (but are not limited to) traveling together and flexible animal guidelines for rented space.

That touch from petting an animal, or just seeing an animal, is the best therapy! It releases oxytocin, which is a feel-good hormone that helps parents bond with their children. Bunnies are truly small therapists, chill pills, and a daily dose of dopamine.

Rabbits provide great entertainment, and can easily cheer individuals who are low. Please keep in mind that dealing with any mental illness may limit your ability to care for another living creature. Rabbits are considered small exotic animals and do not require daily walks, but will need similar maintenance to a house cat.

We are proud to say that approximately half of the baby bunnies we produce have gone on to become registered therapy companions for individuals around the country. We socialize and handle our bunnies from the hour they are born, which gives them an amazing headstart to becoming comforting companions!


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