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The Supply Checklist

Simply tap the images to be redirected to our recommended products! Everything you need to get started.


Puppy playpens can be used as rabbit housing enclosures, outdoor play spaces, or barriers for free-roaming bunnies.

Timothy Hay

Did you know hay is the most important part of a rabbit's diet? It can be purchased in pet stores, online, or from local farms.


Pelleted food is to be fed in moderation. We recommend Sherwood and Oxbow brands (try to stay organic if possible).

Food + Water Bowls

Heavy ceramic bowls, to prevent tipping and spills, are preferred!

Litter Box

We advise cat boxes or those with a grate covering. Ensure the litter pan is large enough for the rabbit to lay down in.


Use paper or pelleted litter that is odor-free and safe for rabbits.


Toys are not only important to keep teeth trimmed, but they provide plenty of needed enrichment! Toys made of untreated wood or hay are ideal.

Nail Clippers

Nail trimming can be done at home every month. Avoid cutting into the kwik, as this causes pain.


A comb will help with grooming sessions. During molting, it is imperative to groom daily to prevent internal blockages.


Treats can be used for training and bonding. Small daily portions of freeze-dried fruit or oats are always a favorite!


Carriers are needed for vet visits and other car trips; just make sure it is spacious and chew-proof.

Hay Rack

To encourage unlimited consumption, use this fun hay rack that doubles as a chew toy.


This bed is perfect for any house rabbit! Just be cautious that the bedding and blankets are not consumed.


All bunnies love tunnels to hop through or take a nap inside. They are especially great for outdoor playtime (weather resistant).

Snuggle Mats

Blanket beds are a great accessory for holding and petting your furry friend.

Mini Dustpan & Brush Set

This set is essential to eliminate dust and fur. If you have more than one bunny, try a vacuum as an alternative for efficient clean-up!

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