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First Aid Kit Essentials

It is important to have first aid materials in case of an emergency or illness. We always hope nothing bad will happen, but it is always best to be prepared just in case!

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Oxbow Critical Care is a great supplement to have on hand in case your pet loses its appetite and needs to be syringe fed.

Oral Syringes will be necessary if your rabbit needs to be orally fed medication, supplements, or water.

Vetericyn Wound + Skin Care is an antibacterial spray that is safe to use on bunnies as a liquid bandage for minor scrapes/cuts.

Antimicrobial Eye Flush is a safe eye flush to use if your pet gets something stuck in their eye. Please see a veterinarian if symptoms do not improve.

BeneBac is a great probiotic to sprinkle over pellets to keep your pet healthy! Especially important to provide when administering antibiotics.

Gas Drops are useful to keep on hand in case your bun gets a bad spell of gas. You can tell they have an upset tummy if their belly feels tense/hard, and you can hear popping noises coming from their stomach. The amount varies depending on what your rabbit weighs. Syringe feed every few hours, depending on severity!

Disposable Gloves are essential for keeping things germ-free.

Towel to wrap your bunny into syringe feed or just calm them down.

Rectal Thermometer for if you ever need to check your rabbit's temperature.

Household Items (Q-Tips + Tweezers)

Please note: I am not a veterinarian, these are simply recommendations based on past experiences.


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