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Fur Grooming

Grooming your bunny is more important than you may think!

Short-haired bunnies should be groomed once weekly, and long-haired bunnies should be brushed every few days with a brush of your choice. During seasonal molting, make sure to groom daily to prevent fur blockages. These blockages are dangerous, as rabbits cannot cough up hairballs like cats.

Rabbits are self-cleaning animals, and should never be bathed. A bath can give your rabbit hypothermia since their coats are not made to absorb water. If your rabbit gets dirty, use a damp cloth to spot clean. To keep them smelling fresh, you can mist bunny no-rinse shampoo or equivalent on after grooming and pat into their fur.

During molting, try feeding 2-5 black oil sunflower seeds (BOSS) daily as a treat. These improve coat condition, and can help the fur grow strong, shiny, and healthy! Be careful not to overfeed, though, as BOSS are caloric and considered a treat.


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