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The Supply Checklist

Simply tap the underlined text to be redirected to our recommended products! Everything you need to get started.

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Puppy playpens can be used as rabbit housing enclosures, outdoor play spaces, or barriers for free-roaming bunnies.

Our Choice: Midwest.

Alternate Option: Clearly Loved.


Ensure a non-slip, durable, chew-proof flooring is selected.

Our Choice: Vinyl.

Alternate Option: Interlocking Tiles.

Timothy Hay

Did you know hay is the most important part of a rabbit's diet? It can be purchased in pet stores, online, or from local farms.

Our Choice: Small Pet Select.

Alternate Option: Andy.


Pelleted food is to be fed in moderation. We recommend Sherwood and Oxbow brands (try to stay organic if possible).

Our Choice: Oxbow.

Alternate Option: Sherwood.

Food + Water Bowls

Heavy ceramic bowls, to prevent tipping and spills, are preferred!

Our Food Bowl Choice: Kaytee.

Our Water Bowl Choice: Petmate.

Litter Box

We advise cat boxes or those with a grate covering. Ensure the litter pan is large enough for the rabbit to lay down in.

Our Choice: Amazon.

Alternate Option: IKEA.


Use paper or pelleted litter that is odor-free and safe for rabbits.

Our Choice: Carefresh.

Alternate Option: Tractor Supply.


Toys are not only important to keep teeth trimmed, but they provide plenty of needed enrichment! Toys made of untreated wood or hay are ideal.

Our Choice: Binky Factory.

Alternate Option: Palm Leaf Bowls.

Nail Clippers

Nail trimming can be done at home every month. Avoid cutting into the kwik, as this causes pain.

Our Choice: Nail Clipper.

Alternate Option: Nail Trimmer.


A comb will help with grooming sessions. During molting, it is imperative to groom daily to prevent internal blockages.

Our Choice: Hairbuster.

Alternate Option: SleekEZ.


Treats can be used for training and bonding. Small daily portions of freeze-dried fruit or oats are always a favorite!

Our Choice: Meadow Loops.

Alternate Option: Dried Samplers.


Carriers are needed for vet visits and other car trips; just make sure it is spacious and chew-proof.

Our Choice: Collapsible Carrier.

Alternate Option: Hard-Sided Carrier.

Hay Rack

To encourage unlimited consumption, use this fun hay rack that doubles as a chew toy.

Our Choice: Hanging Basket.

Alternate Option: Standing Feeder.


The pictured bed is perfect for any house rabbit! Just be cautious that the bedding and blankets are not consumed.

Our Choice: IKEA Doll Bed.

Alternate Option: Bolster Pet Bed.

Hidey House

Every bunny needs a safe space to go when scared or tired.

Our Choice: Hideout.

Alternate Option: Bungalow.


All bunnies love tunnels to hop through or take a nap inside. They are especially great for outdoor playtime (weather resistant).

Our Choice: IKEA Tunnel.

Alternate Option: Cat Tunnel.


Blanket beds are a great accessory for holding and petting your furry friend.

Our Choice: Snuggle Mats.

Alternate Option: Blankets.


This set is essential to eliminate dust and fur. If you have more than one bunny, try a vacuum as an alternative for efficient clean-up!

Alternate Option: Wet/Dry VAC.


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