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Spa Services

Nail Clipping:$20

Sessions typically run for about 10 minutes, varying with the rabbits' behavior. With years of experience and hundreds of bunny nails trimmed, you can trust us with your furry friend. We use traditional trimmers and suggest scheduling maintenance appointments every 6 weeks.


Short-Haired Grooming:$25

Keep your bunnies in prime condition with regular groomings, vital for preventing hair blockages and promoting healthy growth, especially during molting.

Long-Haired Grooming:$40

Perfect for breeds like Lionheads, Angoras, and Teddywidders, this service includes a full-body trim tailored to your preference, along with mat removal and face fur framing. 

Please email us to schedule an appointment. 

A hands-on demonstration on 'how to do it yourself' is available for an additional $10.

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