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"I came across Emerald City Rabbity online while searching for our first family pet. I have to admit, the adorable bunny photos were what attracted me, but you get SO much more with Skye. She is attentive and raises bunnies that are loved and cared for just like they'll be treated in their forever homes so the transition is smooth. They are litter-trained and socialized with so that bunnies aren't scared by children. Which was important to us since we have 3 young children in our home. We loved the adoption experience so much that we came for another baby bunny a few months later. Skye helped me through every step of the bonding process and it couldn't have gone better! She is our helpline when anything comes up and that has been a priceless comfort to us as first time rabbit owners."

Owner of Rome (Sable Magpie) & Apple Jack (Torted Harlequin)
Submitted October 2023

DSC05713 (3).jpg


"Skye was incredibly kind to us throughout our entire experience adopting with her. She was always available to help with picking supplies out and giving advice on setting up our home for our bunny's arrival. Even still, she is always eager to answer any questions and give us advice. We've loved this last week so much - little miss is giving us a run for our money with how mischevious she is, but we couldn't have asked for a more perfect new addition to our family!

Owner of London (Cream Harlequin)
Submitted October 2023

Sophie & Alex

"Skye has been amazing the whole time, leading to us getting our bunnies and she continues to be amazing afterwards! Very informative, helpful, and responsive. As new bunnies owners growing our family, we were a little fearful if we had all the right information from our research but with Skye being so proactive on properly educating us, it’s made the whole experience more comforting. We got two babies bunnies that are bonded together and we couldn’t be happier. They’re so sweet and loving. You can tell all the bunnies are well loved, cared for, and greatly socialized from here. I can’t recommend Skye and Emerald City Rabbitry enough. We’ll be looking into growing our bunny family in the future and would definitely come back. She definitely raised amazing bunnies and is open about staying in their lives forever which is awesome!"

Owners of Lucky Charm (Orange Harlequin) & Cap'n Crunch (Torted Harlequin)

Submitted July 2023



"I am so glad I found Emerald City Rabbitry! Skye is so beyond awesome and loves all her rabbits so much. She’s been very helpful throughout the entire process and been more than happy to answer all my questions. The care that goes into these rabbits upbringing definitely pays off; I was shocked when I brought Pumpkin home and she was already litter trained. I could not imagine using any other rabbitry. <3"

Owner of Cocoa Puff (Orange Harlequin)

Submitted June 2023

David & Family

"Thank you very much for the bunnies! They adapted almost immediately after arriving at their new home. They're very well potty trained and love cuddles. They are not aggressive at all, even before getting spayed! We got to visit them 2 times before picking them up, which  was very kind and thoughtful of Skye. She is an amazing breeder. Not only did she give us transitional food and the family tree, she also gave us important and helpful tips/tricks to be a wonderful bunny owner like her! We really recommend Emerald City Rabbitry, and this is truly the best place you can find!"

Owners of Hickory (Chestnut) & Spruce (Chocolate)

Submitted January 2023



"There are so many positive things I can say about Emerald City Rabbitry. Skye is amazing, I found her from an internet search and was so glad I decided to go with this company. I originally wanted to get a rabbit for my daughter who is an 8-year-old animal lover, but fell in love with the bunny as well. In the end, we got our baby bunny and had the opportunity to take home the retiring mom as well. They are great around kids. Skye answered every question I had and assisted me with so much knowledge and gave me the added confidence to know I will have everything I need to care for them and make a happy, healthy environment for our bunnies. The lifetime support is something I know not most breeders offer. I feel we gained a friend as well as two amazing, well-behaved bunnies. I will 1000% recommend Emerald City Rabbitry to everyone."

Owner of Cypress (Chocolate) & Bailey (Chocolate)

Submitted December 2022


"Emerald City Rabbitry was where our rabbit grew up, and the owner, Skye, loves all her rabbits very much. She responsibly finds suitable new homes for each bunny. In the beginning, Skye seriously asked us about our willingness to raise a rabbit and the environment our family could provide, and later did a great job of teaching us all kinds of information about raising a bunny carefully and patiently. Skye sent us pictures of Chess often as she grew up. You can strongly feel her love for her bunnies! 
Our bunny turned eight weeks old a few days ago, and we finally took her home. This lovely bunny has been well-trained by Skye. Chess is an active and charming bunny who defecates in the litter box, except for the occasional territory-based behavior. In short, we are very grateful that this process was smooth, thanks to Skye!"

Owner of Chess (Blue-Eyed White)

Submitted November 2022

DSC04298 (1).jpg


"Skye is very good at preparing and training her bunnies. In just one week, our bunny, Checkers, is happily doing binkies and coming near us with no hesitance. Skye has also done a great job litter box training, as know we only see a few stray poops. Checkers is in the prosess of fully trusting us, and being comfortable to be held. Skye has done a fantastic job making her bunnies comfortable with humans."

Owner of Checkers (Chinchilla)

Submitted November 2022


"We searched for a bunny for several months before deciding to adopt through Emerald City Rabbitry. Skye was very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. It is obvious she cares deeply for her all her bunnies and we knew our little guy was coming from a great family. From the beginning our bunny was, and continues to be, very friendly - and being litter box trained was a bonus!  The welcome care package with detailed instructions, treats, etc. was very appreciated as new bunny owners. We are so grateful we found Emerald City Rabbitry!"

Owner of Topaz (Blue-Eyed White)

Submitted August 2022



"I had the pleasure of working with Skye when I purchased my bunny Cappuccino from her. Upon arriving at her rabbitry, she was very professional, organized and I could tell she put a lot of effort in raising all the bunnies. Cappuccino is such a sweet bunny who is very social and came fully litter trained. After the sale, she has been super helpful and never hesitates to give advice on any questions I have. This is not the experience I’ve had with other breeders, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to purchase a bunny. She is amazing at her work!"

Owner of Armani (Black Tort)

Submitted July 2022


"We love our bunny from Emerald City Rabbitry.  She is so sweet and loves attention.  It's obvious that the bunnies are loved from the day they are born.  We appreciated all the baby bunny photos and the visits to see the babies as they grew while we waited to bring her home."

Owner of Boba (Blue Harlequin)

Submitted May 2022



"Emerald City Rabbitry is one-of-a-kind! Skye has truly found her niche in breeding rabbits. Our entire process of adoption was so smooth. Skye is professional, helpful, and most of all, kind! Our Bunsai has the best temperament as he can be so playful but also loves to snuggle up! I would recommend Emerald City Rabbitry to anyone interested in adopting a bunny! Thank you Skye!"

Owner of Sweet Tea (Orange Harlequin)

Submitted April 2022


"I traveled all the way from Central Oregon because Skye was nothing short of amazing to work with and, once I got to Zoom meet Stew (formerly know as Taffy) I knew he was the one for me.  Skye has over exceeded my expectation as a reputable breeder and continues to be a resource of knowledge while living up to Emerald City Rabbitry’s lifetime support care commitments.  She truly does raise these babes for their forever homes and bringing Stew home has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.  As Stew naps by my feet in my home office I think we can both agree, we would have it no other way.  Thank you, Skye and Emerald City Rabbitry."

Owner of Taffy (Blue-Eyed White)

Submitted March 2022



"After researching local rabbitries, we decided to reach out to Skye and were so impressed with the care and attention she gives her bunnies. That care shows in their sweet, relaxed personalities. We brought two of her bunnies home, and they have delighted our family.  They give each other companionship and confidence. It took them no time to settle in and feel at home, and it was a blessing that they arrived fully litter-trained.  It's a delight to see them play, binky, and they're so eager to greet us every morning."

Owner of Denali (Black) & Rainier (Magpie)

Submitted October 2021


"I am very happy to have found Emerald City Rabbitry after having an awful experience with a former breeder. This rabbitry genuinely cares for their bunnies and provides a positive experience. I have had my bunny for almost 3 months now and she is so loving, happy, and curious. Emerald City Rabbitry remains in contact with me if I need anything. I greatly recommend Emerald City Rabbitry if you are interested in purchasing a bunny!"

Owner of Everest (Orange Harlequin)

Submitted September 2021



"I purchased two bunnies from Emerald City Rabbitry, and I cannot say enough good things about the experience. Skye was extremely helpful throughout the entire process; she sent me regular updates of my bunnies all the way until the pickup date. She is a wealth of knowledge and always willing to help out. Both of my bunnies are relaxed, calm, and oh so cute! I am so happy that I got my bunnies from Emerald City Rabbitry."

Owner of Neptune (Broken Chinchilla) & Eclipse (Broken Black)

Submitted June 2021


"I cannot imagine a better pet experience for our family. An adorable, cuddly, potty-trained bunny ready to take home! Visiting the rabbitry, it was obvious the animals were deeply cared for and loved. Moon is now a part of the family and the treasure of our 5-year-old daughter. Could not recommend more."

Owner of Moon (Tri-Color)

Submitted May 2021​



"I can't recommend Skye and Emerald City Rabbitry enough. She is very communicative and raises well cared for, sweet, litter box trained bunnies. As a first time rabbit owner, I appreciate the time she takes to answer all of my questions and provide support. It is obvious how much time she spends socializing and handling her bunnies. They are very friendly, confident, and make excellent indoor family pets!"

Owner of Star (Tri-Color) & Bambi (Cream)

Submitted December 2020


"My experience with Emerald City Rabbitry has been amazing! Upon meeting her, Skye was very organized and professional. She was eager to teach me about the care, needs, and characteristics of these unique rabbits. I could tell right away that she had a true passion and love for lops. Skye has been excellent at communicating and answering questions whenever I have them. She's a great resource and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. I feel like her rabbits are really well-loved and cared for (more than some others I've adopted). She handles them early and often, so they are docile, sweet, and good-natured! If I buy more Holland Lops in the future, I will definitely be buying from Emerald City Rabbitry!"

Owner of Magnolia (Blue-Eyed White)

Submitted July 2020

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