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Waiting List

Welcome to our waiting list! We are currently NOT accepting deposits for future bunnies due to our undecided breeding schedule. 

Our purebred baby Holland Lops range from $450-$550 each, which includes our signature lifetime support and a generous transitional care package. These prices are established from the amount of time and effort we put into raising family-friendly companions. We require a non-refundable $50 deposit per bunny in order to secure your place on our list. This fee allows for priority placement on our waiting list and helps us eliminate individuals who are not serious about bunny adoption. The paid amount will be applied to the future purchase price of the desired rabbit.


1st & 2nd pick are reserved for Margaret

3rd & 4th pick are reserved for Rachelle

5th & 6th pick are reserved for Fatima

7th pick is reserved for Sydney

8th & 9th pick are reserved for Sophie

Standby is reserved for Michelle

The above current waiting list members have been pre-approved for a bunny from a future litter and will get to make their selection in the order listed above. 

Although being on our waitlist provides a better opportunity to get the rabbit you want, we cannot guarantee future colors or an exact timeline of availability. Please submit an adoption application and complete the questionnaire to join the list. Thank you for choosing us to be your breeder!


Emerald City Rabbitry reserves the right to have first choice of keeping any baby from any litter.

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