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Rabbit Disciplining

Training is crucial to teach your rabbit to avoid naughty behavior.

Voice Training: If your rabbit displeases you, use its name and sternly say 'NO'. Never yell at your pet, as this can cause fright and break a bond with your bunny. Stay calm and make eye contact while correcting bad behavior. Bunnies are smarter than we often give them credit for, and understand basic words/commands.

Nose Down: If your pet is not being obedient, gently tap or push its nose down to the floor with your finger. This shows you are a dominant leader. This works well for destructive behavior. Do not hit or push your rabbit, as they are fragile creatures and do not understand physical correction.

Water: Misting your bunny with water is yet another way to train them to stop doing something. Avoid spraying in the face (ears, eyes, and nose are sensitive spots). This works well for potty accidents.

Squeal: If your rabbit ever bites or otherwise hurts you, act dramatic and do a high-pitched squeal. This lets the bunny know that they have injured you, and should stop this behavior immediately. This technique can be combined with a time-out.

Time-Out: If the above discipline methods aren't working, try not giving attention to your rabbit for a few minutes instead. This is hard to do when they look so adorable, but ignoring them will help, as rabbits are extremely social. Avoid this tip for chewing and digging, as they may continue to do so if bored.


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