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Recommended Diet

Ideal Daily Diet (for an adult Holland Lop):

Unlimited hay

1/4 cup pelleted food

1 cup leafy greens

Unlimited water

Limited treats

Pelleted Food | 5% of Diet

Pellets are important to feed to your bunny as they have vitamins and nutritional supplements that hay does not. 1/4 - 1/2 cup is a sufficient daily portion for an adult Holland Lop.

There are two types of rabbit food on the market: a solid pellet and one with colorful treats mixed in. Those treats have no nutritional value, and your bunny will most likely pick them out and refuse to eat the beneficial food, leading to obesity.

We use organic (no soy or corn included) Modesto Milling's rabbit pellets here at our rabbitry! Some other brands of rabbit feed that you may wish to consider are Sherwood Adult Rabbit Food and Oxbow's Garden Select Pellets. If you change to another brand, slowly transition over the span of a few weeks.

Hay | 80% of Diet

Pellets alone are not sufficient enough to balance your rabbit's diet, so it is essential that you feed them hay as well. It is all right for baby bunnies to eat alfalfa hay because it has high caloric and protein levels which are necessary for proper development. However, when they reach 3 months of age, switch them over to Timothy or orchard hay to prevent obesity. Some rabbits may not seem interested in eating this part of their diet, so try changing the cut or type of hay. You can sprinkle treats or pellets throughout the hay to encourage natural foraging instincts, too! Small Pet Select always has fresh hay available, as well as local farms.

Vegetables (& Fruit) | 14% of Diet

We recommend waiting until your bunny is closer to 4-6 months before introducing vegetables and fruits. Adult bunnies can eat around 1 cup of greenery per day without it affecting their digestive system. Some safe fruits and vegetables your rabbit will find yummy are parsley, cilantro, romaine lettuce, and dandelion greens!

Treats | 1% of Diet

Treats can be occasionally offered. We suggest limited treats such as a pinch of raw oats daily or a small slice of apple. Never feed any treats made with seeds, as these can be very harmful!

Water | Unlimited

You can use either a water bottle or bowl to keep your rabbit hydrated. If using a bowl, make sure to get a heavy-duty one that isn’t easy to be pushed around. Gravity waterers that are made for dogs can also be used for rabbits as well. Although bowls will need to be refilled more often, they are a more natural way for rabbits to drink and pose less risk of malfunctioning compared to a bottle.


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