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Litter Box Training

Litter Pan

It is first very important to find a litter pan that your rabbit will be comfortable using. There are numerous different types of litter pans available which can make it truly overwhelming to choose, so we recommend the following ones which are tried and true:

Triangle litter pans are simply not big enough, and many rabbits will refuse to use these due to their uncomfortable shape!


Like litter pans, there are many different types of litter on the market. Based on personal preference, opt to use shredded paper or pelleted form litter. Put a thin layer of litter at the bottom of the litter box, just enough to absorb wetness; there’s no need to fill it too high since rabbits don’t bury their droppings like cats, and contents are entirely dumped every time litter is changed. We recommend changing the litter every 3 or so days.

If your rabbit is a digger, we advise purchasing a litter box with a grate covering. This prevents them from consuming their litter by accident or stepping in their waste.

Limiting Area

If you have a stubborn bunny, it may be best to limit its living space until they are fully litter box trained. You can use a dog exercise pen to do so, and once they get the hang of how to use the box, you can expand their area again. If they have more accidents, retract their space and repeat the process above.

Keep in mind that your bunny may be hormonal which is causing accidents. Neutering almost always fixes this problem, and makes for a much happier / healthier pet overall! If they are determined to go in an impractical space (such as somewhere a litter pan cannot be moved to), block off that particular area from their enclosure and they will choose a new place to go to the bathroom.

Other Tips & Tricks

  1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar to clean up pee accidents. This not only prevents stains on the floor, but it eliminates odor and can even prevent them from peeing in that area again.

  2. For any bunny, even ones who are already litter box trained, make sure their hay is near/in/over their potty corner. Rabbits tend to eat where they go to the bathroom, so this prevents confusion and can even fine-tune their potty skills.

  3. If your rabbit is stubborn about using one corner, in particular, to go to the bathroom, it may be best to give in and move their pan to that potty corner.

  4. Trying to train your rabbit, but unsuccessful? Rabbits normally lift their tail before going to the bathroom, so if you are watchful, you can interfere and move them to their pan in hopes of directing them where to go to the bathroom.

  5. If your bunny is free to roam or has a large living area, it may be best to have 2+ litter pans to always be accessible and prevent accidents.

  6. Take the paper towel used to clean up past pee accidents and put it in the litter pan. The same can be done with scattered poops to communicate where they go!

  7. Every time you witness them going to the bathroom in their box, praise them and give rewards/treats to encourage this behavior. Don't forget that it depends on the individual rabbit, but some pick up litter box training immediately while others need time to adjust.


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