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Rabbit Housing

While rabbits can be housed indoors or outdoors, we don't recommend the latter. If kept outside, they may be less socialized, develop more health problems, and be affected by the weather. This is why we only sell to indoor homes.

Did you know that rabbits can be taught how to use a litter box, like a cat? Bunnies that come from us are mostly, if not fully, potty trained... a big bonus! Once completely potty trained, you can let them free-range parts of your home that are rabbit-proof. Of course free-roaming your pet is ideal, but this is not possible for everyone.

The ideal environment, in our opinion, consists of a 16+ square foot dog exercise pen that has been set up in a climate-controlled area of your house. Vinyl or foam puzzle piece mats are great flooring options that are not only comfortable for your pet but also easy to keep clean. Blankets, beds, and hay mats can be added for different texture options! As rabbits are prey animals, hidey houses and tunnels will help them relax and have a place to hide if they ever feel scared. Toys encourage enrichment and should be frequently swapped out. Sturdy dishes for food and water should be placed close to the door for easy access. Lastly, a litter box and hay rack should be placed near each other in a corner to help with potty training.

Pinterest is filled with awesome ideas for rabbit setups. The first two pictures (below) are some of our cage setups, while the others were found online as inspiration.


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