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Gender Comparisons

We often get asked which gender is better and why. There is no right answer, as it all comes down to personal preferences! But below are some traits to compare as you decide on the most compatible companion for your lifestyle.

Doe (Female) Considerations:

Girl rabbits can be cleaner in their litter box habits and produce less urine odor than males. In our experience, their personalities tend to be sassy yet sweet. Most females like to snuggle and are content with cuddle time, but can be territorial over their habitat due to natural instincts. Please be mindful that all adult unaltered females are highly likely to develop uterine cancer by the age of three, and the spaying procedure is more invasive and expensive than neutering a male.

Buck (Male) Considerations:

Boy bunnies are typically more friendly and playful than the opposite gender. They are generally less destructive when it comes to digging/chewing, which can be a massive consideration for free-roaming environments! However, expect hormonal behavior from unaltered bucks, including humping items and potentially urine spraying from a young age.

Remember that, just like humans, no two animals are the same. In our opinion, gender only plays a minor role in temperament. Some bunnies prefer alone time to snooze, others are happiest when cuddled, and most thrive off human interaction and attention!


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