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The Holland Lop Breed

Bunnies are the fourth most popular pet in the world, and Holland Lops in particular are the number one breed currently. Dubbed the 'Hallmark breed', it is no question why hearts melt just looking at them! But they are so much more than what meets the eye.

As the smallest and most social lop-eared rabbit breed, Holland Lops have gained a wonderful reputation as family pets.

Life Span: About 10 years

Weight: 2-4 pounds

Origin: The Netherlands

So, what makes the Holland Lop breed in particular so wonderful? Below are the top traits to notice!

1. Temperament

Many people choose Netherland Dwarves when deciding on a dwarf breed, but they are notorious for aggressive, high-strung personalities.

Individual rabbit personalities vary, but Holland Lops are generally easygoing and friendly, making them safe for children to handle. Even litter mates can have polar opposite temperaments, but it is primarily a hereditary trait and really relies on how the bunny was raised!

2. Size

Holland Lops are the smallest floppy-eared rabbit breed, even a few pounds smaller than the Mini Lop (which can understandably get confusing). Hollands mature to the size of approximately three pounds. This allows for easy handling for the littlest of hands, and a smaller enclosure size is required when compared to a regular or giant breed.

3. Health

Holland Lops are susceptible to the same ailments as other rabbit breeds. Some argue that Hollands have a more sensitive digestive system than larger breeds, but overall we consider them to be hardy. Some common illnesses to watch out for include mites and gastrointestinal stasis.

4. Maintenance

We like to say that rabbits require similar maintenance to an indoor cat: litter box cleaning, nail trimming, fur grooming, and daily essential care, amongst other factors. Hollands have short, rollback fur which molts with the changing seasons and requires weekly brushing. Their nails need trimming every month or two, but otherwise, they are self-sufficient at keeping themselves clean and odor free!

5. Intelligence

Hollands can be taught a variety of tricks and are typically food motivated. Due to their intelligence, enrichment toys should always be provided to prevent boredom. With patience, rabbits can be litter box trained and utilized for emotional support.

6. Color

Part of the charm of the Holland Lop is the variety of colorings and patterns available within the breed. There are more than thirty recognized colors split up into eight color groups within the Holland Lop breed. We personality specialize in blue eyes and harlequin stripes here at Emerald City Rabbitry. Common fur patterns range from broken black and white to vibrant orange.

Overall, Hollands are amazing companions! Social, affectionate, petite, and medium maintenance is required. We fell in love with the breed years ago and have never looked back since. If you are seeking a family pet, emotional support animal, or darling fluffy friend, the Holland Lop is definitely the breed for you!


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