About Us

Welcome to Emerald City Rabbitry! We are an ARBA-certified breeder located near Seattle, Washington. We specialize in raising blue-eyed (Vienna marked) Holland Lops, a dwarf rabbit breed with floppy ears. We've owned rabbits our entire lives, and started breeding in 2017. All of our rabbits are socialized daily and we adore all of their unique personalities! Our bunnies come in a large variety of colors, from broken black to pure white, and everything in-between (including harlequin and cream). We introduce our babies to young children, other animals, and household noises to ensure they can be the best pets possible.


All of our bunnies are raised in spacious, solid floor cages indoors as part of our family. As a plus, our baby buns are mostly (if not completely) litter box trained by the time they go to their new homes. Our rabbits are fed a fully organic diet consisting of homegrown greens, high-quality pellets, fresh Timothy hay, probiotics, and even homemade treats! At Emerald City Rabbitry, we are committed to our bunnies beyond the point of sale and offer lifetime support. We only breed what we can successfully hand raise, and absolutely strive for quality over quantity.

Please contact us to learn more about our breeding practices, or read what past buyers have to say about their experience.


- Skye, Owner of Emerald City Rabbitry