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Well, hello there!

Welcome to our little rabbitry, nestled only twenty minutes south of our namesake Seattle in Washington state. We specialize in raising floppy-eared, blue-eyed Holland Lops.
Our bunnies come in a unique array of colors, with equally captivating temperaments. We introduce our rabbits to little children, other animals, and household noises from a young age to ensure they will make excellent companions for any lifestyle.
Our philosophy is that there are no shortcuts to healthy or happy pets. Unlike your typical breeder, we raise our bunnies in solid floored, spacious indoor enclosures as a part of our family. Our rabbits are fed a fully organic diet consisting of homegrown greens, high-quality pellets, farm-fresh hay, preventative probiotics, and even homemade treats! As an additional perk, our baby lops are mostly (if not completely) litter box trained by the time they are rehomed.
We feel blessed to have shared the joy of bunnies with customers as far as Alaska, Canada, Montana, Idaho, and down the west coast.

Let's start at the beginning...

My name is Skye and I operate Emerald City Rabbitry, with support from my extended family and close friends. I'm known as the neighborhood bunny lady, with my animals bringing smiles to children and adults of all ages and abilities.
My earliest memories go back to having pet rabbits as a child and the enjoyment they brought. As a teenager, I revisited the idea of owning bunnies and rescued a mix breed dwarf, named Missy, who is still in my life over seven years later.
One year after bringing her home, I was introduced to an inspirational rabbitry owner that led me to start my own. I fell in love with the Holland Lop breed, like so many others do, and the rest is history...

One more thing:

At Emerald City Rabbitry, we are committed to our bunnies beyond the point of sale and offer lifetime support. We only breed what we can successfully hand raise, and absolutely strive for quality over quantity.

Please contact us to learn more about our breeding practices, or read what past buyers have to say about their experience.

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